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您查到的是M.ORO CASHMERE官方企业网站,您购买的商品是使用M.ORO CASHMERE品牌纱线原料,
受PETERSON CONTROL UNION CU全球管制联盟认可;倡导可追溯、原产地公开原则,敬请放心购买!

What you have found is the official website of MORO CASHMERE. The goods you purchased are
yarn raw materials of MORO CASHMERE brand,Approved by Peterson control union Cu global
regulatory Union; advocating the principle of traceability and open origin, please feel free to buy!

As a deep industry chain enterprise group of cashmere industry

We respect the brand spirit of "let every cashmere life more wonderful"

M.ORO 甄选出优质珍贵品种—阿尔巴斯白山羊,位于内蒙古鄂托克旗的阿尔巴斯地区。

M. ORO has selected the world recognized high quality and rare breed - Albas white goat, which is located in the Albas region
of Etuoke Banner, Inner Mongolia.The only ranch that has passed the U.S. and EU Cu organic certification has been established here,
covering an area of 8600 mu. Become M. Oro high-quality unique high-quality cashmere raw material resources.

2019年MORO CASHMERE加入动物福利组织,进一步提高可追溯项目源头牧区的动物福利待遇。
In 2019, MORO CASHMERE joined the animal welfare organization to further improve the animal welfare treatment
in the pastoral areas where the traceability project originated.

In order to ensure the quality of our products,we have implemented the cashmere traceability in
conjunction with the industry’s most authoritative JWIF.From the source of the pasture,we review the
source origin of each batch of traceable cashmere raw materials in strict accordance with the standards.

Migration is for a better life, innovation is for excellent quality.

Tracing back to the source, each life is unique.